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  The Indoor Cycling Center @ The Bicycle Rack

What is the I.C.C. / SurvivorFest?
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Please read our rules.

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To schedule a ride for yourself or your group

Don't let the rain, cold, darkness, or snow stop you from riding. Starting Nov. 1, you can ride inside at our Indoor Cycling Center. The Bicycle Rack now has an indoor studio filled with Computrainers. Computrainer continues to be the longest standing and most proven trainer for fitness, fun and to increase your cycling power.

When you train in our studio you are in a non-competitive group environment. It has been proven that training with a group is far more efficient and pushes you harder that training alone. Even if you had the same system at home, you will not see the same results. Using your own bike to train indoors keeps your riding position consistent, reducing fatigue and injury.

More info to come as I set up this page.
For now you can also check out our FaceBook page. I'm really not proficient with how Facebook works, but the page has started.
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