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The Bicycle Rack - Repair Services

Our reputation rests on the foundation of our Expert Repair Service.

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From Flat Tires to complete Performance Overhauls.
We work on any make, any model.

Quick and Efficient Service

  • Same-day service for flat tires and other small jobs.

  • There is a two-day turn-around for most other work.

  • Our Repair Schedule
Day In   Day Ready  
Sunday closed
Monday closed
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Saturday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Wednesday
Bike Rider

Note: Bicycles purchased from our store will receive the highest priority.

Our Tune-up Service wrench

  • CLEAN - This is the first step and the most important.
    We clean every visible surface and component!
    This is why our Tune-ups are better and last longer.

  • LUBRICATE - All components and cable lines are lubricated
    with high quality Finish Line products.

  • ADJUST - All components are adjusted. Fittings are tightened. Wheels are trued.
    (Note: extra charge for spoke replacement / major wheel truing.)

  • TEST RIDE - The last step in our complete tune-up procedure.

  • All Tune-ups include a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.


Wheel Building Service

Hand built STOUT Wheels are the best money can buy. Our expert wheel man, Alan Stout, has more than 30 years of wheel building experience. He logs each wheel with date built and spoke lengths for future reference / tracking.


Shock Fork Overhaul Service

Don't take your fork for granted. Regular maintenance is required. Let Mike bring it back to its original condition. Tune-up and complete overhaul service available.

Park Tool Bicycle Repair Course

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